Bitcoin Cash-Fueled Onchain Social Media Platform Memo Launches iOS App
Two years ago, an onchain social network called was launched and the application has developed quite a bit since then. On Tuesday, the Memo team revealed that the platform is now available for iOS phones via the App Store. Apple users can now connect to the social network that etches a user’s content to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

During the last few years, especially with deplatforming on the rise, uncensorable forums, immutable streaming video apps, and onchain social media projects have been developed. Worldwide governments in collaboration with Big Tech have managed to censor dissenting opinions against the status quo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more.

One particular decentralized application called skips all that nonsense, as it allows users to post content to the BCH chain. Because nearly every action works by writing transactions to the BCH blockchain, the data stored allows for censorship-resistant social media in comparison to the platforms run by Big Tech giants.


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